Ven. Panadure Ariyadhamma Thero

Sri Sambodhi Viharaya was started by a young monk from Panadura in Sri Lanka, living in a single room in a small block of a land gifted to him by President Ranasinghe  Premadasa.

The monk, Ven. Panadure Ariyadhamma Thero (1940-86) brought about a virtual revolution in Buddhist worship by developing a unique Buddhist liturgy which has lasted to this day. He popularised the “Ata Visi Buddha Puja” – an expression of gratitude to the Buddha and the Bo-tree that provided shelter to him for attainment of Enlightenment-following the ancient Buddhist tradition of worshipping the 28 Buddhas who had preceded Gautama Buddha.

He travelled the length and breadth of Sri Lanka and thousands of devotees flocked to participate in his “pujas”. The most significant feature at the ‘pujas’ was that large numbers of young people flocked’ to listen to the new Buddhist liturgy recited in his unique gentle voice.

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