Meditation Programme

Buddhist meditation involves an integrated system of mind training in developing concentration (Samadhi) and wisdom (panna). It is a part of Buddhist practice to permanently end suffering rather than for mere temporary enjoyment or relaxation. Whilst, joy and relaxation are a by-product of a calm mind, the main aim of Buddhist meditation is not limited to such worldly gains but goes far beyond such impermanent feelings.

The Pali word ‘Bhavana’ comes from the verbal root ‘Bhu-‘to cultivate’. Buddhist meditation thus is a system of cultivating the mind to rid itself of all defilements that impedes the mind from deriving insight and wisdom to see things as they truly are. When the water in a lake is serene, clean and clear even the minute details at the bottom of the lake can be vividly seen. Similarly when the mind is calm, still and serene all defiling tendencies of the mind become visible enabling one to remove and let go off such impurities with understanding so that they won’t disturb the mind again and again.

Buddhist meditation thus involves a variety of profound techniques to eradicate all negativities in the mind enabling the mind to be free from all suffering and enjoy permanent happiness.



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